Please ask your MP to speak out against political violence and threats against the Brazilian election

Please ask your MP to sign EDM 285: Political Violence and Presidential Election in Brazil

Ahead of Brazil's presidential election, we have witnessed a disturbing rise in attacks on Brazilian Workers’ Party supporters and officials, and increasing threats against democracy from Bolsonaro and the far-right. These attacks must be challenged at every level. 

With far-right president Bolsonaro trailing in the polls, he is ramping up threats against the Brazilian electoral system. He has made his disdain for democracy publicly known, and has even claimed that “only god” can remove him from office. Please join us in calling for vigilance at this critical time for Brazil, Latin America and the world.

You can view the full text of EDM 285 below: 

This House expresses its deep concerns about reports of political violence against representatives of the Workers’ Party in Brazil ahead of this October’s Presidential election; notes that the far-right Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and his cabinet ministers, nearly half of whom are military generals, have made repeated threats against the integrity of this year's upcoming elections; further notes that these have worsened as former President and Workers’ Party leader Lula da Silva has opened up significant poll leads; is concerned that threats, intimidation and hate speech from the President and his supporters create a context in which acts of political violence are more likely; condemns the 9 July killing at a birthday party of Marcelo Arruda, a Workers’ Party official in the city of Foz do Iguaçu, by a Bolsonaro supporter who chanted we are Bolsonaro here; notes that Bolsonaro’s supporters have also attacked pro-Lula rallies including with a home-made bomb and the use of drones to drop faeces onto crowds; and calls on the British Government to raise concerns with the Brazilian government about these reports of violence and intimidation and to call for the coming elections to be free and fair.