Please ask your MP to speak up for Brazilian democracy ahead of the second round vote on October 30th

Please ask your MP to sign EDM 452: Brazil’s Presidential Election run off on 30 October 2022

The second round of the Brazilian election is coming up and will see Lula going up against Bolsonaro on October 30th, with former President Lula leading by over 6 million votes after the first round. 

Please ask your MP to speak up for Brazilian democracy and challenge any attempts from incumbent President Bolsonaro and the far-right to undermine the electoral system, through political violence as has been tragically witnessed in the past months, or any other means.


You can view the full text of EDM 452 below: 

That this House congratulates Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva on winning the first round of Brazil’s Presidential election on 2 October 2022; notes that Lula received 48 per cent of the vote and gained over six million more votes than the incumbent, far-right President Jair Bolsonaro who came second on 43 per cent; further notes that this was the highest ever number of votes cast for Lula’s Workers’ Party since the return of democracy to Brazil in 1985 and the first time any challenger has defeated an incumbent in the first round in that period; notes that Lula and Bolsonaro will now contest a run-off election on 30 October; expresses deep concerns that in office, Bolsonaro has repeatedly undermined Brazil’s democracy and has trampled on the rights of women, LGBT, Black & Indigenous communities and environmental activists; condemns previous suggestions by Bolsonaro that he may not accept the results if he is defeated and rejects attempts by Bolsonaro and his cabinet ministers, nearly half of whom are military generals, to baselessly bring into question the integrity of the election process in Brazil; is appalled by the political violence against supporters of Lula in the election campaign including killings, violence against Worker’s Party officials and attacks on pro-Lula marches; and calls on the UK Government to speak out against any attempts to undermine the electoral process ahead of the 30 October run-off election, including through political violence, and to re-evaluate relations with any Brazilian president who comes to power through undemocratic means.